this is gonna be a daily thinkg for me to look back on when im older. not really for readers, but they are welcome to it, jsut basicly a place for me to write down my feelings. lol and its fun to be publicized. (hehe you will knowtice that i can not spell, so bare with me!)

Thursday, September 18, 2003

hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages! welcome to emilys blog!! well i wrote like two days ago, so i tink im getting less forgetful. some things that are going on in my life: broke up with carl :'( had intense softball practice, followed by an equally intense dance class. pitching lessons were cnaceld this week because the coach was on vacation. in history our project did okay not great, i cooked okra for the class and anyone who knows me knows that the only think i can cook is things that are microwaveable and even then i burn things occastionally, needless to say, the okra tasted horrible lol, but oh well it was the thought that counts right? yesterday i went to a HUGE church with one of my friends, rikki, and it was relaly awesome, i went up dunr the altar call because i didnt feel taht i had beenw ith god like i should have been for the past few months that i have lived here. i will start going to church reguraly, but maybe not ath that one because its really big and im not used to that, i have always gone to little churches, and this one is really far away, i think i wanna go to my friend katies church, its nice and small and really close by, so that will be good. tomrrow kaite is spendin the night, were goin to a football game so that will be cool. what else? i donno, but i must clean up my room, bc its a HUGE mess! ahh! okay that wraps up this blog i will write again soon, love emily!

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

hey, sorry that i havent written if what seems like forever! lets see whats been going on: um i had a softball game, which we won, because were the best, mowahahaha! i went over to katies and spent the night, she came back to my house the next day we hung out she took some of my clothes, and then she went home, she came over again on saturday and watched erin brocavitch, and then went to the softball game, which i prevouisly mentioned that we won, um i was really upset a few days ago, i mean like depressed, i got mat at carl, because he dosnt think im deep, i am deep, i was very mad but now im over it, i ahve a projcet due tomorrow that i havnt begun to start on so i better leave you now and do that beacuse i dont wanna fail. love ya, emily

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

hey! this is emily and this is my first blog ever. i got into this because of this guy named jeremy (batman), who i met at your camp over the summer. um well today was an alright day, i slept in, like usual, im sort of sick, i have a cold, and i horrible cough, im very congested, and all day my stomach felt very bad, but on the bright side i did go shopping with my friend katie, which was much fun. today my arm was really sore because yesterday was my frist pitching lesso, im supposed to ahve the every monday, and i think im pretty good. i really miss carl, he hurt his neck yesterday and i was really worried about him, bue he says he went to the doctor and he said it would be okay. carl messed up his harddrive so now he cant get online and its liek the only way for me tot alk to him, it makes me realyl sad. but i think he will get it fixed pretty soon, i hope. im babysitting for some people on saturday their kids are silly and im really lookin forward to it! well im out! i will try to write tomorrow!

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